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Epouse Coiffures : The site contains ideas for hairstyles to make your wedding day. Many new à and inspiration for those who want trendy and avant-garde wedding hairstyles but also for those who prefer a hairstyle pi ù classic, romantic and vintage. There are many accessories to enhance the bride\'s hair, in perfect accordance with dress, these products must withstand a day of hugs and photographs. On this page we see what are the hairstyles of the year proposed by hairdressers to brides. Among the choices of wedding day ù important in addition to pi length there è combing. è Hairstyle of equal importance to the dress you wear, because é frames the face and è able to enhance the beauty of the bride. A little advice: don\'t improvise! Some women among you prefer a natural look and do not want to overly intervene on the hair. In any case, è best done with your hair. Get organized in advance, so ì you can ò be assured that hairstyle and haircut will be perfect for your face and in harmony with the dress. Among the many options you may want to combine with a classic suit sort of romantic bun, possibly enriched by a DIAdem, or opt for a hairstyle where the curls fall soft along the sides of the face. The braids are a good solution: elegant hairstyles collections or in elaborate plots intertwined. Among the pi ù beautiful hairstyles, there è the ponytail: a simple and practical way to wear your hair that is revisited in endless variations for the bride. The high tail, closed by a strip of hair perfect for minimalist chic style dresses, while the tail low,   fall to the side, it tastes more ù romantic and could perfectly fit to live in.

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Epouse Coiffures - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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18 Mar 19

Luciana Sabariz and Norma Mejía


In this collection the hairstylist makes three semi-updos, and a total updo. Once again she exhibits in her works a combination of services that result in a collection of very commercial updos made with extensions and very bright technical works. In Mascherata Collection, the hairstylist alludes to the famous Venetian masks and the magic that thanks to them envelops both men and women when they dress that masks. A sophisticated woman, enigmatic and with great personality, sometimes decides to cover herself with a mask while at other times she prefers to take it off. It is she who commands, who decides what to show the world. Whether you want to reveal your true personality or if you prefer to surrender to anonymity, masks can be helpful at your next social gathering. You dare?

Collection: Mascherata
Ph: Toni Puljic
Make-up: Colors Up Make-up School
Hair Assistant: Alexander Blanco


18 Mar 19

Stephanie, Ashley Gamble


Ph: Richard Miles


15 Mar 19

Adrian Gutierrez


Collection: Grandeur Pt. 4
Ph: Damien Carney
Make-up: Joanne Gair
Stylist: Nikko Kefalas


15 Mar 19

Jo Robertson, Dafydd Thomas, Amy Sontae, Zoe Irwin, Luke Benson, Patrick Wilson, Leighanne Regan & Charlotte Mensah


Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Claire Evans
Stylist: Boo Attwood


14 Mar 19


Caro Parrucchiere,

il TEMPO è un VALORE, non sprecarlo inseguendo progetti vuoti, insensati, irrealizzabili.

il tuo cassetto deve essere riempito per RENDERE PROFITTEVOLE il TUO LAVORO.
Non sprecare queste RISORSE per sogni (non tuoi) che non si realizzeranno.

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