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05 Dec 19

Richard Bajon

Find put the latest hair collection, called Beard Design, made by Richard Bajon, international hairstylist from FR.

Ph: Joel Dart
Make-up: Romina Allio Laertitia Majer


04 Dec 19

8th International Cosmetics Trade Fair: from 20 to 22 January 2020

Save the Dates and join Japan's Largest Cosmetics Trade Show: COSME TOKYO 2020.

What can find at COSME TOKYO?

As largest show of its kind in Japan, Cosme Tokyo gathers lots of Made in Japan products which cannot be found in any other exhibitions. Especially products using regional and traditional ingredients like cherry blossom, rice , sake, attract international visitors.

The ongoing influence of import cosmetics on Japan and Asia's market is reflected in the number of international exhibitors with European like France, Italy, Poland, Germany and USA, Middle East as well as Asian Companies. You can find world famous companies like L'ERBOLARIO (Italy) MEDITERRANEAN COSMETICS (Greece) and national pavillions.

Reflecting on the continued growth of organic and natural market in Japan & Asia, distinctive and diversified brands using local ingredients of each country are presented at once. Not only using pure ingredients, also the products have some specific efficacies like anti-aging, whitening, anti-pollution, skin repair.


04 Dec 19

MARIO SACCUCCI, un personaggio poliedrico.
Mario è conosciuto in quanto serio professionista, nonché fondatore, insieme a BEA, della Saccucci Masterclass, dal 1969, nel quartiere Eur di Roma e Presidente dell’ARA (Accademia Romana Acconciature).
Precursore del caschetto e della piega a phon, con conseguente abolizione del casco per asciugatura, a Mario si riconoscono creazioni quali il “caschetto maculato”, con macchie di colore che creano disegni e sfumature diversi a seconda dei movimenti.
Mario inoltre, a dimostrazione dall’indole artistica che lo contraddistingue, è amante della fotografia, della pittura e della musica, elemento essenziale della sua vita e sempre presente all’interno del salone.

SACCUCCI Masterclass è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e SACCUCCI si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

Sfoglia on line la rivista

SACCUCCI Masterclass
Viale Città d’Europa, 857 - ROMA (RM) - Italy
Tel. + 39 06 52200413 - 06 52200386

04 Dec 19
Ashley Haynes & Charlotte Oldfield

Aurum was inspired by rare metals and we wanted this to symbolise wealth, adding an expensive feel to the collection. Using this as our colour foundation,  we wanted to work with a commercial softness to the styling and create something that looked effortless and achievable

Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Megumi Matsuno
Styling: Magdalena Jacobs


03 Dec 19
Miguel Ròdenas

Find put the latest hair collection, called Nerthus, made by Miguel Ròdenas international hairstylist.

Ph: Luis Vidal
Make-up: Asun Medina


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